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12V UPS solutions

12V UPS LED solution with 4 channel RF remote control switches or 8 channel LAN controller.

12V LeD power backup

These units come in a various sizes. The 1.3Ah unit is ideal for ADSL routers and other small 12V or 24V devices like modems, cordless phones, alarm systems, backup devices. The 1.3Ah can power an ADSL modem or router for up to 2 days, keeping your internet connection active during power outages.

The bigger units  12V/24V  18AH, or 30AH is better suited for retail and hospitality LED backup lighting applications. These units are great for lodges, industrial sites where the are numerous power outages.

a Low dropout voltage monitor disconnects the load when the battery is running  low. The unit also has over voltage, over current and short circuit protection build in.

These units can also be used for various other applications like fish tanks, grow lights, automation and remote offsite power supplies

8 channel lan control board

led remote control system






Since they operate like a standard UPS we can use them with or without power. The two popular control methods are either RF or IOT/LAN/Wirless.  We stock the 8 channel WIFI/LAN control box. The software for this unit will run on android, IOS, windows. Timer function also supported for hands free operation.

Application Field of WIFI Relay Board

  • Energy management
  • Smart Home
  • Industrial automation
  • Agriculture IOT
  • Power control
  • Security monitoring

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