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Wireless mains detection circuit

New product release from NEW Product release from CRS Electronic repairs and Design.
New 110V/220V AC mains detection circuit. Control motors, pumps, fans, industrial equipment, hoists and many more with this AC mains detection device. Is equipped with a 30A automate relay with Common, Normally open and Normally close contacts. This device detects mains failure by either connecting it to a 220V source or should total isolation be required it also consist of an antenna that wraps around or stands close to any 220V source. The relay switches over during mains failure.

mains-detection-and-switch-over-circuit mains-detection-circuit

Programmable timer

This new product developed by CRS is ideal for industrial and home automation. This OLED with  RTC  is a user programmable timer and can accommodate up to 7 on/off time settings per day. The user program the device using the three buttons.  This little device can be user programmed to switch op to 8 devices on or off. It can be easily be programmed using the 3 buttons with up to 7 time slots per day. Can incorporate up to 8 touch buttons and show up to 256 colours on the RGB LED;s for various indications. Project is completely customizable to your requirements. Runs on ATMEL ATmega, with an I2C bus as communication protocol. OLED display 128×64. CapTouch 1298 sensor buttons and a NCP5623 RGB controller.




Oled programmable timer