Wireless mains detection circuit

New product release from NEW Product release from CRS Electronic repairs and Design.
New 110V/220V AC mains detection circuit. Control motors, pumps, fans, industrial equipment, hoists and many more with this AC mains detection device. Is equipped with a 30A automate relay with Common, Normally open and Normally close contacts. This device detects mains failure by either connecting it to a 220V source or should total isolation be required it also consist of an antenna that wraps around or stands close to any 220V source. The relay switches over during mains failure.

mains-detection-and-switch-over-circuit mains-detection-circuit

5V/12V DC Timer for automation solutions

NEW Product release from CRS Electronic repairs and Design. CRS has just released a precision 5V or 12V DC programmable timer. capable of holding up to 7 time slots per day or per week. It is also possible to integrate with existing M2M and industrial or retail applications. 14 additional I/O lines, 2 of which are analogue are available for customization and specialization to a fast variety of application requirements, Take control of your machines, Automate

auto-timer-and-control-functions universal-dc-timer-and-control

We can program this device to control just about anything.

IOT automation

We have a complete range of IOT remotes. The remotes can control 1-16 devices via smartphone or PC from anywhere in the world. The software is IOS, Android and windows compliant. We recommend using the IOT automation control systems with our 12/24V UPS’s. These units are ideal for home automation, Hotels,  medi centers or clinics, manufacturing and similar industrial applications.


Need a Warranty Repair Center

Need a Warranty Repair Center

CRS is proud to announce that it has been appointed as an IBM Toshiba  SurePOS and Hisense Point of sale warranty repair center. We repair all IBM Toshiba point of sale devices as well as the entire Hisense range of retail and hospitality POS systems

We are also a Bioflex medical treatment warranty repair center.

If you are a international OEM  company that  have product in south Africa and require specialized maintenance, support or distribution please do get in touch. Unlike most IT companies that enroll glorified technical couriers, we offer professional engineering and consulting services to you and your clients.  If you need someone to represent your product and you need a warranty repair center, please do get in contact.