Wifi Network Relay with 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs,Remote Control Switch [USR-IO88]

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Introduction of Wifi Network Relay

USR-IO88 is a wifi network relay with 8 inputs and 8 outputs.Users can control devices at any time under three modes of Wifi, direct connection and remote connection.

Features of Wifi Network Relay

  • TCP interface, control switch through local area and remote network
  • 8 channel normally open /close relay outputs
  • 8 channel configurable inputs which can report input state and control relay
  • Extract RS485 interface. Users can extend device conveniently
  • Double Ethernet ports and support LAN and WAN
  • Support password vertification and realize safety control of device
  • Each relay has 6 timing switch functions
  • Input light-coupled isolation and outside interference isolation
  • Output the latch and prevent relay from interference
  • Restore factory setting and return to the original state
  • Built-in upgradable Bootloder to ensure the software update
  • Windows/MAC/IOS/Android/Webpage control software for user to choose

Application Field of Wifi Network Relay

  • Energy management
  • Smart Home
  • Industrial automation
  • Agriculture IOT
  • Power control
  • Security monitoring

Structure of Wifi Network Relay

IO88 jiegou

Application of Wifi Network Relay

1.Hotel Application

Hotel Application

Application of Wifi Network Relay

2.Intelligence Building Application

Intelligence Building Application

3.Factory Monitoring Application

Factory Monitoring Application

Image of Wifi Network Relay

Product Image of Wifi Network Relay

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