RS232 Digital Filter and protocol converter

RS232 Protocol converter and data manupulator

This unit was specifically designed for one of our clients whom had a compatibility issue on one of his his point of sale projects. Firstly one of the peripherals used for data logging send continuous data streams,  even when not in use data was streamed for logging. This not only made the data logging ineffective but used up endless amount of space. Secondly the data format or protocol that was being sent to the POS or PC device was in the incorrect format.

The RS232 Data filter and data re transmitter   has been designed to be customized to almost any application where you would need to do any of the following :

1. Change the Data protocol. (BAUD rate, start Stop bits, parity bits etc)

2. Manipulate the data order to suite your software application

3. Add additional data within the string i.e (headings/names/titles), specialized characters or  start and stop bits.

4. Actively filter the data stream and send only  the commands and data that is required.

5. This device is Ideal for Point of sale systems, Mining and communication protocall monitoring.

6. Controlling external devices like motors, fountains, Emergency LED’s, booms etc etc.

The Filter is also equipped with 32  I/O lines which connects to a piggy back PCB to control devices all of which can be customized and designed to suit your needs.

It is either powered from a USB port or from an external 12V power supply  and is equipped with 2 serial I/O  ports for inline communication  or Dual independent communication and control.

The device can be custom programmed.

The Schematic can be downloaded here

rs232 digital filterThe ASM file here for Pick and Pay and Tereoka Scales


The possible add-on’s to this project is massive. Besides the fact that it can add or remove additional RS232 commands it can also be used to execute certain  operands while reading and converting streaming rs232 data. This includes switching on lights, ponds, waterfalls, controlling boom gates, security alarms, fire alarms, sensors and much much more. This project can also be modified to work as a USB, RS485, LPT, or LAN converter. Integrating your automation with your database capabilities. This device was specifically designed for the retail industry sector but can also be used in mining, medical and data capturing environments.

Low cost and easy to implement.



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