Electronic Projects

Some of our completed projects that has been successfully, integrated and rolled out.

  1. RS232 Digital filter and Protocol converter.
  2. 3-8 Button Serial interface to send specific information and commands to PC’s or other control processors.
  3. Low cost lighting for rural areas in South Africa.
  4. RGB color clock.
  5. 12V Gate control unit.
  6. 12V DC to 12V DC buck boost lead acid battery charger.
  7. Mobile  rural LED lamp with dimmer and battery charger.
  8. Point to Point SDLC cable testers for ATM peripheral communications.
  9. Passive Timer with relay connect or disconnect.
  10. Emergency backup lighting.
  11. RF ID reader for advertising.
  12. Cash drawer tester.
  13. ADSL Router and backup power supply for up to 24H.
  14. Vibration sensor, monitor and response.
  15. Infra Red Drop box solution.
  16. Anti Skimming device for ATM cardreader.
  17. 8 channel relay control with 8 inputs for automation.
  18. 130-250DC to 12V converter and backup power for locomotives.
  19. USB bulk charger
  20.  Drop Box with coded door lock open via SMS
  21. 12V Sealed lead acid battery charger.


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