12V UPS supply (also avail in 24V)

12V UPS supply for everyday apps

CRS design this UPS system primarily for LED lightning and emergency backup for restaurants, lodges and  hotel rooms. It has however become evident over the past few years that the applications of this 12V UPS supply is more reaching then just emergency light and backup lighting control and automation. These 12V UPS supply units are currently being installed in clients fish tanks for pump and led control. The communication industry use the smaller models for routers and modems. They are ideal for remote sites where power interruptions is a daily occurrence. These devices are ideal on farms, small holdings and remote off site lodges. The units are used for camping, fishing and off road explorations.

The 12V UPS supply also available in 24V, comes  in various sizes with different size batteries. They are available from 12V 2AH to 12V 80AH. They charge the battery when mains is available and keeps the battery on a float charge. When there is a power interruption they will switch over to battery  instantly.  Depending on what load you are running on your 12V UPS supply these units can run a couple of days if need be. The units are wall mountable, has short circuit protection, Reveres polarity protection, Thermal protection and a low voltage indicator.

These devices are popular among rural communities  where electricity is not always available. In this case they are designed and manufactured to run from a solar panel. There is also a mobile unit with a battery strength indicator and USB charger. These units are used in a rental system in the poorer parts of south africa and offers them a change for LED lights in their huts as well as charging their phones.

All these unit are designed and build to your specification.

12V 100AH LED controllerEmergency Backup system 12V 80AH-150AH12V/24V

On this Emergency backup system, the 80AH – 150AH battery fits external to the unit and is connected via crocodile clips. It is available in a mains or solar version, The battery charger and solar controller fits inside the enclosure. Operation is  hands free  and the unit switches on and off automatically when the mains fail.  It is possible for us to design a additional battery enclosure should it be necessary.

 These emergency backup units are ideal for the service industries such as restaurants, Pharmacies, doctors rooms, hospitals, retail, hotels and lodges.

adsl and modem power supply with backupMini 12V 24V UPS

1.3AH to 4AH 60W. Dimentions are 100mmx200mm. This unit can be used in shop fitting , display cases, mobile LED portability.

It will also keep you ADSL router powered  during power outages.



mobile LED controller and power supplyMobile unit with external charger

Fitted with LED health indictor and USB Charger for cell phones.

Will power any 12V device and is ideal for rural developments, 4X4, camping, off site developments. Can run our expandable low cost lighting system for up to 7 days.

Battery charger available separately.

DIY backup lighting

 outdoor backup lightingexpandable lighting solutions for camps

 Expandable LED Lighting system

Comes complete with switches, lampshades, and junction boxes.

Can be extended to various dwellings and camps.

Connects via RJ plugs so no tools or soldering required Emergency backup unit or UPS 12V/24V 7AH, 18AH, 33AH comes in 60W, 100W and 160W versions

12V or 24V UPS with 4 zone remote controll

led remote control system

Remote control to switch leds on and off

12V LED controller

12V ups suplly with a 18AH battety

12V LeD power backup

12V supply with a 30AH battery


Control up to four LED zones with this RF remote receiver.

Ideal for controlling LED lighting at home.

Emergency backup unit or UPS 12V/24V 7AH, 18AH, 33AH comes in 60W, 100W and 160W versions.

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